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Tips for a safe and successful family bike ride - See here 


Northstowe Travel Gifts

Did you know the developers of Northstowe are promoting public transport, walking and cycling to new residents by offering travel incentives?

New households are entitled to claim a £50 voucher for walking or cycling equipment, a one-month bus pass and free cycle training for children and adults. Each benefit is only available for the initial home occupiers at a ratio of one of each type of benefit per household.

For more info visit: 

Did you know that e-bikes are coming to Northstowe very soon?

There will be a stock of e-bikes available for daily hire and the scheme will also include some kiddie trailers, for more information keep an eye here... news coming soon! 

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Fancy riding further and testing your legs? Why not get involved with one of the local cycle clubs:

Northstowe Wheelers - see here  

Willingham Wheels - see here

Cambridgeshire and surrounding area routes and maps - See here

The national cycle network Sustrans - See here

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