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February Steps Challenge

Do you go running or walking on your own or just want a way to encourage you to get out the house? The Active New Communities team are running a Steps Challenge throughout February in Northstowe or Alconbury Weald.


- Using a fitness tracker or smart phone track your steps each day throughout February

- At the end of each week a weekly winner will be announced. The weekly winner will be selected at random from everyone who achieves over 70,000 steps that week (or if nobody achieves this the person with the highest step count will win). The weekly winners will be given a £10 gift card for either Decathalon (Northstowe) or Sports Direct (Alconbury Weald).

- At the end of the month the person with the most steps overall will win a £50 gift voucher at the above retailers.

How do I sign up?

- Enter your details by clicking here

- You will receive an email from one of our staff to send you the details and the app to sign up to so that you can join the group

- Get walking or running!


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