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  • Ali Rice

Hear how Marlee has developed her skills & set up opportunities for people in Hauxton to get active!

The village of Hauxton in South Cambridgeshire is facing a period of rapid housing growth. The Living Sport Active New Communities team has been working with the Parish Council and other partners to ensure Hauxton has a wide range of recreational facilities and activities that meet the needs of the growing community. It is hoped that the project can also help to bring the new and existing communities together.

Active New Communities is supporting local people to design and build their own physical activity offers based on demand from residents - in Hauxton we have supported one particular, resident Marlee Beasley, to set up a new running group and Rabble fitness sessions.

Marlee attended the Leadership in Running Fitness course and became a qualified Run Leader, but she didn’t stop there….she also attended a Rabble Fitness course and set up a new fitness course and running group in Hauxton all within a few months!

Receiving training via Living Sport has opened up a career direction I never saw possible. I enjoyed exercise myself but never thought I would ever be an instructor. When I was offered the training through Living Sport and via Active New Communities for one I had never heard of Rabble and on looking it up I could see from the start it looked really fun but I wasn't the sporty run around kind of child so was unsure how I was going to get on. I went along and met 10 others that were also doing the training that day. First off we all introduced ourselves and what line of work we were all in, everybody else but me worked in sports or fitness and I was just me. I did find this a bit daunting, but shouldn't have worried as I had an absolute blast! Every one was so nice and we all got stuck in learning and playing these Rabble games, laughed lots and supported each other in learning the rules of the games - I fell in love with the Rabble motto 'it is for all abilities'! As someone whom is short and not very fast, we all learnt to play tactically using all our teams’ strengths to try and win the games.

As a mum who helped out at my children's Primary School running club the opportunity arose to receive funding to become a Run Leader and set up a running group for Hauxton, this seemed a great opportunity as there isn't much on offer in our village, especially for new people moving into the village to meet one another. Myself and another mum were very keen to get this up and running providing a service to the village that was a perfect way to meet new people and it was free! The Run Leaders course led by England Athletics was great, it was such an in-depth training day, and I gained really useful warm up, cool down training information I hadn't even thought of before but was really important as a leader. It was a lovely day meeting new people the leaders were great and allowed us time to ask lots of questions.

Since my training I have gone on to run two Rabble sessions per week (one focused on adults and the other for parents and children), school holiday sessions and an after school club. We have set up Hauxton Runners which have started running once per week and we are hoping to grow this as each beginners course starts. I am also working with Cambridge City Council running family Rabble sessions to get families out and active together, having fun and playing games.

I can’t believe how much my confidence has grown in the last 6 months. Prior to getting involved in these sports leadership roles I have also been chair of my Children's school PTA and when I had to do public speaking I would shake and the thought of doing it filled me with dread, but now with the training that I have received I am confident that I can instruct and lead Rabble sessions and Running courses and this has developed my confidence in so many ways.”

The Active New Communities project provides funding and support for people like Marlee to attend training courses so they can get the appropriate qualifications to provide safe and enjoyable opportunities for their local community. If you want to know how we can support you in a new community, call Christine Sprowell on 01487 841559 or email

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