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Sharing stories of staying active during lockdown

We know it's been a really challenging few months and staying active and fit is difficult at the best of times. But adding in the self-isolation and stay at home rules, then keeping active has been even more problematic for some people. On the flip side, having more time at home has helped some of you to take up new leisure activities either alone or with family.

It's well documented that getting active can reduce anxiety and stress, combat low mood and increase self-esteem? It can help you feel good on the inside and out!

Personally, I have loved spending more time gardening, listening to the birds and making time to get out running and experience the countryside - this has given me a better mindset and helped me focus on 'being in the moment'.

Kathy from Northstowe shares her personal story of staying active during the lockdown period...

As lock down became inevitable and with concern about my own symptoms, I began self-isolating a week before the official date of March 23rd. Sport has always been a major part of my life (since leaving school many years ago and I could choose what I wanted to do).

I spent the first week looking for online yoga classes and for less busy short cycle routes. I also discovered that Joe Wicks was hosting a daily PE session on YouTube at 9am.

I decided that although I'm not particularly young or fit, I needed to establish some kind of routine and a reason to be up, doing something at a regular time. So, I've been joining Joe and thousands of others every morning. I adapt or miss some of the exercises to better suit me. And always feel better afterwards.

My online zoom yoga classes have been split between a local teacher and a studio in Torquay. It's great to have other yogis online.

I've been increasing my range of cycling and whilst it may not seem much to others I'm pleased with myself that I no longer have any qualms about making it into Cambridge or St Ives and back.

When it's been too windy for my cycling, I've tried to find quiet places for walking and as soon as we were allowed to drive a short distance for exercise I've rediscovered places like Knapwell Woods and Wicken Fen. Finding some green spaces with few people and being able to sit with a book and my flask of coffee in the sunshine has helped with overthinking and anxiety around us.

I usually swim 2 or 3 times a week and that's something I really miss. I've managed a sea swim once so far, but have booked in for open water swimming at Milton Country Park in June - who even knew that was there?

Sadly, we are not able to get back to badminton just yet; maybe I could spend this time practicing my serve? Hmmmm, there's a thought...

What have you all been doing to keep active and boost your spirits?

Kathy from Northstowe

Living an active lifestyle helps you to feel healthier, happier and more connected.


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